We grew up on educational TV. No matter your age, it still works.

Project Description

For a person to learn, they must first be engaged, and that applies to students of all ages. ¬†Education can be political, like in a “State of the City” address, it can be industrial as in safety training, or it can be as a part of a curriculum like the video featured here, which was a part of a curriculum in public schools for children in 4th and 5th grade.

For the video we’re featuring, we used many of the production techniques employed by Disney and Nickelodeon, lots of locations, intelligent scripting, fast editing and a healthy dose of silliness. ¬†The videos (6 in all) were enthusiastically received, and were even featured at an agricultural education station at the Ohio State Fair.

Project Details

Farmer, Lumpe + McClelland

Our Work